Why do your dreams fail? Know why!


Dreams are something we all have. Aspirations. Ambitions. Goals. Whatever you want to call them, they all have a similar definition. The majority of us have a realistic, doable vision of our ideal future; anything that is visibly achievable is always preferable. Whether they be short- or long-term, our hopes and goals are continuously shifting. But it's not until you delve further into the precise underpinnings of that dream that you start to understand why or even how to achieve it. Additionally, what to do when you get there.

Do you frequently find yourself dreaming yet failing to make those dreams come true? Have you been putting off a dream or ambition for tomorrow, only for tomorrow to never come?

Let's discuss the exact reasons why your dreams aren't coming true.


Your life's overarching purpose contributes to its significance. It enables you to live purposefully. Being intentional simply means following our own goals and leading a principle-based life as opposed to one that is demand-driven.

Many people begin pursuing goals because they appear cool, because doing so elevates you, etc., yet doing so does not satisfy your soul. Spend some time assessing your lofty ambitions to see if they line up with your current values and purpose.

So many people become preoccupied with the idea that they must have a "life's purpose." Don't skip this phase if you're not prepared to dive that deep. Simply consider the question "what is my current purpose" over the ensuing five to ten years. That's what makes life so wonderful. You always have the option to turn around and go in a different path.

It is easier to create the action plans required to achieve that objective and big dream if you take the time to match your goals with your purpose.

2. Your "why" is not compelling enough.

One of the most crucial things that will motivate you to work toward your goals is understanding why you are doing it. The majority of your goals will be medium- to long-term in nature. Big dreams require patience! Wanting to succeed in the long run won't be sparked by desires such as the want to achieve that promotion so that you may earn more money for that trip or the need to lose weight in order to look nice for that beach holiday. To keep you going when you want to give up, you need a deeper and more compelling WHY for your huge desire. You require continual reinforcement of the significance of realising this desire and the difference it will make in your life now and in the future.

Make a list of the reasons why. Place those aside for a week. then list the top three causes. Put them on paper. Put them on a piece of tape and keep them by your bed or in your office. Consider them often.


The lofty long-term goals. They are lengthy. There are hundreds of steps to complete. It's really simple to become lost and unsure of where to begin. What steps to take. Frequently, achieving your large objective will require you to pick up new skills. It's so simple to start working toward your objective and take on everything at once, turning yourself into a jack of all trades and a master of none. It's crucial to keep in mind to appreciate the journey and the learning that comes with even the smallest steps toward the objective. QUIET DOWN. Rome didn't just appear. Organize your objectives into sub-goals: You can take 90-day, weekly, and everyday actions that will get you closer to your dreams.


So many individuals struggle to accept prosperity in their lives. Success necessitates adjustment. Recall those people up top who warned you about the dangers of having such lofty aspirations or objectives? How will people respond when you achieve financial independence, lose weight, land your dream career, and have better relationships? Are these still available to you? Or perhaps what's stopping you is your fear of being accepted after you succeed?

It might also imply that more people now rely on you. A larger impact on more individuals is likely to result from greater achievement. Perhaps you're worried about taking on that extra duty.


Although you really want to accomplish this enormous goal, you now lack self-confidence. You won't ever reach your full potential if this happens. As energy attracts energy, so does it. Or you're letting other people's opinions prevent you from achieving your true goals. All too frequently, you'll enthusiastically inform your loved ones, friends, and coworkers about this important aim and goal, only to let their reactions derail your determination. Don't let other people's self-defeating opinions keep you back. Do not personalise anything. They are the only ones who are concerned—not you.

You will still experience fear even after realising this dream, but you will need to learn how to overcome it.

To succeed, you'll need tenacity, resolve, self-control, perseverance, and probably a lot of tears. However, it will also alter your course and bring considerably more wealth than you may have imagined.

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