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The law of attraction defines the ability to attract things in one’s life by having focused and intentional thoughts. Or simply put, “ you attract what you think”.
Over the years, many have learned to effectively use this law of attraction to attract the things they desire in their lives. There have been countless studies demonstrating that the law of attraction actually works.
In this post, we will learn about the Hidden Secret NFT - a project based on the popular law of attraction.

Discovering the Law of Attraction

The universal law of attraction is always in motion. It impacts the lives of everyone present on this planet. Therefore, you can also discover the law of attraction to get the things you desire in your life. It is important to note that the Universe will respond accordingly to the type of signals you send. By sending negative vibrations, you are sure to attract negative things. Therefore, focus on sending our only positive signal vibrations to the Universe. But, in order to do that, you should understand how the law of attraction works.

Different Laws of Attraction

The law of attraction is specifically divided into 7 mini laws. Understanding these different types of laws will help you be more specific with your manifestation.

Law of Manifestation

The Law of Manifestation states that your thoughts create your reality. As cited above, you will attract things based on your thoughts. Thus, you can shape your reality by radiating only positive thoughts that will send the universe positive vibrations.

Law of Magnetism

The law of magnetism is a bit different from the law of attraction. It states that everything that is happening in your life, the people you meet, and the things you have are the result of the energy you send to the universe.

Law of Balance

The universe works on balance - both on forces and elements. As we are part of the universe, we also crave balance in our life. You can manifest balance in your life by showing signs of appreciation and gratitude accordingly.

Law of Harmony

The law of harmony is the coordinated interplay of forces and elements that is filling the universe. Imagine swimming with the current instead of against it. Similarly, your life becomes easier when you learn to flow with harmony. Tuning your life to fit the universal harmony can be a more effective manifestation of power.

What is The Effective Way to Use the Law of Attraction?

To get started with the law of attraction, you should first learn to effectively use it. For starters, you should realize that you are already using the law of attraction in your daily life. Then, your efforts can be only focused on incorporating the law of attraction.


The best way to apply the law of attraction is visualization. It is a powerful tool that will help you set your life in the direction of manifestation. Visualization basically involves imagining that you are already living in the reality that you are trying to manifest. For trying to manifest a new house, imagine what shape is the house. What does the hallway feel like? How does the house smell? How have you arranged things in your house? These visualization practices will prepare you for the ultimate dream life and cement your future by sending positive signals to the universe.


Similar to visualization, journaling is another effective manifestation technique that will help you grow gratitude. This quality is essential in the universe that you are really qualified to manifest the things you desire.
You can journal even the simple things in your life and express the emotion of joy. Make journaling a daily practice to make the most out of your manifestation process. More importantly, manifestation journaling will help you focus on the goals in your life.


One of the biggest challenges in manifestation is acting as if. Many people fail to address that they can invite the desired life by simply acting as if they already got it. For instance, if you are trying to manifest money and you are focusing on your lack of money, you will attract no money. Therefore, try to shape your thoughts like you already have money. You can use techniques like visualization and journaling to further affirm these thoughts.
Implementing positive affirmations in your day-to-day life will make your intentions clear to the universe.

Use the Law of Attraction Today

The Hidden Secret NFT is a unique and exciting NFT project that is based on the law of attraction. If you are just starting out on your manifestation journey, you should invest in these NFTs to make your goals more achievable with the law of attraction. This will help you manifest the things you desire in your life much easier and faster.