PERSISTENCE- The sustained effort to build faith in yourself


PERSISTENCE- The sustained effort to build faith in yourself

Wealth does not respond to vague reveries. It responds only to definite plans, backed by strong, definite desires, through constant persistence.

In this blog you will find the obstacles that stand between you and your noteworthy achievements.

This blog will walk you through the Symptoms indicating weakness of persistence, but also the deeply seated subconscious causes of this weakness, Definite causes of Persistence and some bonus tips!

If you really wish to know who you are, and what you’re capable of doing, these are the weaknesses which must be mastered by all who accumulate riches.

16 Symptoms Of Lack Of Persistence:

1. Failing to perceive and express what you desire clearly
2. Procrastinating with or without accurate reasons
3. Lack of desire to learn and acquire specific information
4. Inability to make decisions and the propensity to constantly "pass the buck" rather than dealing head-on with problems. Also supported by alibis
5. The practise of not coming up with concrete solutions to solve difficulties instead of depending on others
6. Self-fulfillment. There isn't much of a cure for this illness, and little to no hope for those suffering from it
7. Indifference, which is typically displayed in the willingness to compromise on all situations rather than confront and overcome resistance.
8. The practise of blaming other for the mistakes made on others and perceiving unpleasant situations as being unavoidable
9. Lack of desire as a result of neglect in selecting the motives that drive the activity and action
10. The tendency or even willingness to give up at the first indication of failure.
11. A lack of written, well-organized plans that can be examined.
12. The practice of failing to pursue ideas or seize opportunities when they arise.
13. Only wishing but not willing to do it
14. The practice of settling for poverty rather than striving for wealth. General lack of desire to acquire, do, or become anything.
15. Finding all short- cuts to get rich quick, without working hardly or smartly in the course of achieving the goal
16. Fear of judgment, inability to make plans and pursue them due to what others may think, do, or say. This obstacle belongs at the head of the list, because it's generally in the subconscious mind, where its presence is not acknowledged.

Definite Causes of Persistence-

1. DEFINITENESS OF YOUR PURPOSE- Knowing what you want is the very first and important step towards the development of Persistence. A strong motive is a driving force to overcome all the difficulties
2. DESIRE- The ability to develop and maintain persistence in pursuing an object of high desire is very simple.
3. SELF-RELIANCE- You must have the confidence and trust in your abilities to carry out your plans
4. DEFINITENESS OF PLANS- Organized plans, even though they may be entirely impractical and impossible to reach, encourage persistence.
5. ACCURATE KNOWLEDGE- Persistence is boosted by understanding—based on experience or observation—that your intentions are good; it is undermined by "guessing" rather than "knowing."
6. COOPERATION- Persistence is often developed via empathy, comprehension, and peaceful interpersonal coexistence.
7. WILL POWER- Persistence comes from the practice of focusing your thoughts on making and reaching plans for the accomplishment of a certain goal.
8. HABIT. Habit has a direct impact on persistence. The daily experiences that the mind feeds on are absorbed by it and become a part of it. Forced repetition of brave deeds can successfully treat fear, the worst of all foes. Anyone who has experienced active military duty is aware of this.

Here’s the Bonus tip, to level up your game!!!
Four Steps to Develop a healthy Habit of Persistence:
● A clear goal with a strong desire to see it realized.
● A defined plan backed by continuous action.
● A mind away from all the negativity and discouraging influences, including unfavorable recommendations from relatives, friends, and acquaintances.
● A friendly and trustworthy relationship with one or more individuals who will support you for your plan and your mission.