Mystery of Conscious and Subconscious mind


Mystery of Conscious and Subconscious mind

The human brain is both a "transmitter" and a “receiver” for thought impulses. Under the right circumstances, and in a manner comparable to the principles of radio and telephone, the brain of every human being is capable of "intercepting" thought impulses that arise in the brains of others. Thus, when the mind is stimulated or "geared up," it becomes more receptive to thought impulses that come from sources outside of itself. This process of stimulation is driven by powerful emotions, positive as well as negative.

We must ask ourselves, do we have the courage to extend beyond our comfort zone? Words are just as powerful as they create thoughts, and thoughts are powerful. Our mind is the abode of our mental life; therefore, the scenes that we repeat in our consciousness play out on the stage of our lives. In reality, it is our thoughts that create the conditions and implement the action.

During the day, we have a lot of thoughts flying through our conscious and subconscious minds. There are two different currents. The difference between these two streams of thought is for you to answer. The flow of thought is driven by current findings which produce the same feelings, the same actions, and the same results.


Now to dig deeper into this topic, let's talk about a situation that parallels the human mind. Let's imagine a farmer having good fertile land. Now the land gives the farmer a choice to plant whatever he chooses on the land. The land doesn’t care about it. It’s up to the farmer to make the decision. Now, remember we are comparing the human mind with the land because, the mind, like the land, doesn’t care what you plant in it. It will return what you plant, but it doesn’t care what you plant.

Now let’s say that the farmer has two seeds in his hand: one is a seed of corn, and the other is nightshade, a deadly poison. He digs two little holes in the earth and he plants both seeds, one corn, and the other nightshade. He covers up the holes, and waters, and takes care of the land.

And what will happen? Invariably, the land will return what is planted. As it’s written in the Bible,“AS YE SOW, SO SHALL YE REAP.”

Remember, the land doesn’t care. It will return poison in just as wonderful abundance as it will corn. Now the human mind is far more fertile, far more incredible and mysterious than the land, but it works the same way. It doesn’t care what we plant, success… failure. A concrete, worthwhile goal or confusion, misunderstanding, fear, anxiety, and so on. But what we plant it will return to us. So our thoughts turn into action. If we think about failure and how we can not do a particular task, then the mind is programmed to reap negative results. If you plant your mind with positive thoughts on how you can do it, then success is inevitable. But WHY?

Illustration of the Mind:

The above-portrayed image is an illustration of the mind. When you mention the word "mind", many people will think of the brain, but brain and mind are two different things. The brain is just an organ, an electrical transformation station, but the mind is in every cell of your body. Science has found that there is not a single thought in the brain. The mind is mechanical, and this means that if we live from our mind, our life is mechanical. When our minds control our lives, we are unable to see the world as it is. The upper part of the mind is the consciousness to which the senses are connected. Beneath the consciousness, you see the subconscious, to which the body is an extension. If you begin to see the people you are with like in this illustration, you will be able to understand the people you spend time with. When you understand this totally, you will be able to separate the words of others from their actions. You will EASILY be able to identify whether they are consciously active or whether it is their paradigm that is in control of their lives. The body is merely an instrument of the mind. What you plant in the subconscious will sooner or later show itself in action and then in result form. Always think along the lines of HOW YOU CAN and not HOW YOU CAN’T.

We usually think and are programmed to think in an “outside-in” way which is a reactive lifestyle. This way of living will always catch you by surprise. Thrive in living the life you have planned and want. Go with the “inside-out” approach where you think, want, plan and live your life. Push your mind to the state where it believes in the thoughts stimulated by you and work on “How to make it happen?” instead of “Can I make it happen?”. It's a question that you ask your mind that can change your entire perspective towards life. What you think and believe is turned into reality. Everything in the world has a positive and a negative connotation to it. Believing in “It's too hard for me to do” instead of “Okay, Let's do it” is all that separates successful people from the rest. As rightly said by Henry Ford,

"Whether you think you can or you can't, you're right"