What is Numerology?

Numerology is the knowledge of letters, numbers and their energy.

Numerology is a large and extremely fascinating subject, which is about decoding the hidden energy connections in life.

Numerology also has something to do with astrology and esoteric systems of wisdom, both of which are about decoding people's innate potentials, weaknesses, strengths and karma. Astrology works with planets and numerology with numbers. But the numerological numbers also have a celestial body associated with them.

Where does it come from?

Many believe that numerology dates back to Atlantis (10,000 years BC) other myths also say that numerology originates from Babylonia, named after the capital Babylon, over 4000 years ago. Other notions suggest that it was brought to humanity by extraterrestrials to help raise our energies. It is all, of course, a mix between speculation and an attempt to find explanations.

Numerology is an orally handed down tradition that is so old that the very original roots have been lost. That is that no one knows exactly where numerology originated.

Everything is energy - We send out energy and what we send out is what we receive - this is the law of attraction.

Numerology is all about this - our names affect us with their energy vibrations. Each name has energy, when the names go together and with our birthday, the energies mix with each other, like ripples in the water, and give total energy that affects us on all levels and aspects of our lives.

What can we use numerology for?

The energy we have in our name affects how we feel inside, our emotions, thoughts and thinking, how we see the world, how we act and how we want to enter into relationships. The energies affect our self-esteem, self-confidence, mood and our temperament. Our name also influences how the outer world meets us, how others see us and in relation to what we attract on the outer planes.

When we get some new good Energies with us, we start to think differently, we start to act differently, we start to walk new paths and life opens up in a new way for us.

With numerology, we are supported by the best energies that suit us exactly, so that we can strengthen our inner world and achieve more: self-love, joy, bright positive mindset, lightness, calmness and stability.

Not to mention that the world of our external forms changes and we become better at manifesting and attracting what we want. stable relationships, love partner, finances/earnings and flow and balance.

It is individual what we each want and need to strengthen ourselves and our lives.

How are numbers used in the physical world?

Numbers are used for coding programs in the physical world, here the exact coding is crucial in relation to the correct result, e.g. when something needs to be programmed - this is how it is with numerology, we encode our names with the most optimal number vibrations so that we can attract what we want in the most harmonious way.

Do you need to be spiritual?

It requires neither clairvoyant nor prophetic abilities. Nor does it require any "faith" or conviction that numerology works.

Many simply study numerology out of curiosity. But there are more and more people who have the experience that there was "something" that felt fascinating and exciting and "attractive" and therefore had to be investigated further.

Is that really true?

When we change our name to Numerology, it is to get some good energy with us, so that we can attract what we want.

This is what makes Numerology Magical - it's a bit big to say, because we think, can it really be true - and yes, Energy is Magic and there is Energy within you and in everything you see around you. When we have a name that suits us, we come into balance with ourselves and into our innermost core.

A numerologist can simply, based on an analysis of your name, surname, birthday and year, be able to tell you about your personality, the challenges you have had in life and what you are good at.
Maybe you have a feeling that your name isn't quite right for you, like there are some blocks, or you feel like you keep experiencing the same challenges and themes playing out.

It may also be that you are unable to live the life you want and use your potential, with a feeling that there is more for you.
If you are considering changing your name or are curious about whether you have any blockages in your name that are inappropriate for you and you would like to hear more about numerology, at THS we have a collaboration with one of Denmark's best numerologists: Zialina Rasmussen, with over 22 years of experience in the field.