Manifesting your potential dreams


Manifesting your potential dreams

people have known to be using this method of manifesting their dreams since the beginning of written history. The hints of the Law of Attraction can be found in many ancient practices and in written forms and Eastern teachings dating back 100 years. Some people believe that the Law of Attraction was first mastered by the Buddha because it is an important principle in his legacy. The term “manifesting your dream” was coined by a western philosopher who wanna remain anonymous in the 19th century, who researched ancient religious practices and wrote a book about his/her perception of how the universe work. This book opened up the path to studying this universal phenomenon and there were many persons who began to research and started sharing what they have learned about their ability to manifest and achieve their dreams through self-help groups and lectures. In the 21st century, early pioneers promoted these ideas by “Abraham-Hicks teachings''. They gained noticeable popularity by popularizing the Law of Attraction that's the key to manifesting your dreams in a more personal, self-expressive way. Lately, manifestation has become hugely popular in self-help and in self-improvement groups, as well as lifestyle coaching and financial earning circles. People are now using this method in every aspect of their lives to bring changes in their life that they desire and teach others to do the same process. This rapid, widespread common interest can definitely open up many opportunities for confusion, so let’s explore how manifesting your dreams works.

It is totally normal to be doubtful when people tell you that you can achieve your great dreams through a routine that sounds so easy. Although the art of manifestation is considered a ‘pseudoscience’ by many in the world, there is compelling hard evidence to show how the art of manifestation works on a psychological and quantum physical level in the universe.
From a psychological and mental standpoint, attracting the universe works in a way like confirmation or the placebo effect like some people talking better makes you better. It follows a very simple wheel: The more you think about manifesting-dreams, the more you concentrate on them. The more you pay attention to your dreams, the more you will see your dream in the world around your personal lifestyle. The more you see it in the world around you, the greater you make the universe notice you and get the opportunity to bring it to life.

Just changing your thoughts to be more positive, rather than negative or neutral, can have an effect on your overall well-being and help you attract positive things into your life. Some studies have even shown patients that are suffering from chronic illnesses finding relief in their symptoms by just changing their thought patterns. So essentially, the Law of manifestation is just as simple as the power of positive mindset.

The Big Bang theory explains that everything in the universe came from the exact same source, which means that all of the energy in the universe is connected you can have it we can have it everyone is interconnected. Everything is manifested as energy vibrating at different frequencies but what if you connect with your frequency, but all deriving from the same source? the physics of possibility teaches us that nothing isin a fixed position and that everything is vibrating and moving, everything is made by joining atomic particles. Energy is malleable, neutral, ferocious and in a state of potential, which means it can be shaped into anything we want and desire. When universal vibrations are vibrating on the same wavelength, they attract each other.

This flowing energy in our lives is influenced by our thoughts and action. what we put the majority of our energy into turns into results. Everything currently in our lives is a result of matching energy that we concentrated on that is vibrating at the same frequency as our universal energy. This knowledge helps us move from the belief that as humans we are powerless victims for our manifesting our dreams in our lives, to the knowledge that we are the deciders of our own lives and the universe we live in. This will hopefully allow us to feel empowered to change what is not working and remain grateful for what is in the universe.

There are many ways to attract your desires and manifest goals. Because the Law of manifesting is working with your personal chi energy to attract what you personally manifest for, it is important that you are using the infinite method of manifestation that resonates with you.

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