How To Manifest Your Dream and Goal with The Law of Attraction


The basis of the law of attraction can be traced back hundreds of years. But the theory gained widespread popularity in recent times; people show that they can manifest their dreams and goals with the law of attraction.

It can even be considered the blueprint for manifesting your dreams. From a psychological perspective, the law of attraction is highly similar to the placebo effect: The more you think about one particular thing, the more you will see it in the world. This will ultimately give you the opportunity to bring that thing into your life.

However, some might still be skeptical about this process. Even though the law of attraction is considered a ‘pseudoscience’ by many, there are some compelling pieces of evidence that you can look at.

Law of Attraction

The law of attraction suggests that you attract what you believe. This occurs through the magnetic events of your positive thoughts. Or simply put, the universe conspires to give you the things you desire when you believe it hard enough.

This principle may seem like a magical abstract, but there are some scientific elements behind it. At the quantum level, all substances and physical objects in the world comprise energy. Things packed with protons, neutrons, and electrons are packed with energy. And each of these energies has its own unique frequency. Therefore, whenever a person’s specific thought radiates, it attracts similar thoughts or in this case objects.

How Can You Use the Law of Attraction For Manifestation?

Now that you know there is a science behind the law of attraction, you might have a few questions, like How can I use the law of attraction to manifest my dreams? The answer is quite simple and straightforward. Here are different methods of manifestation that you can use to create the life you dream of. These methods will let you effortlessly attract the things you desire. However, like every other way of life, you need discipline and commitment to achieve these things with the law of attraction.

Different Methods of Manifestation

There are countless ways to attract your dreams with the law of attraction. It is the blueprint for manifesting the dreams that will give you positive energy to attract goals.


One method of manifesting through visualization is using sensory elements. You have to sit in a meditative state and visualize how it would feel to be in possession of the things you desire. Visualize what your new house feels like. What does your new car smell like? How does it feel to be the owner of the jewelry?

These small visualization practices will let you align with your goal. Since energy is not self-aware, visualizing things is essential to let the things you desire into your world by letting the universe that you are vibrationally aligned with the energy.


Gratitude journaling is a task to channel your positive energy. Gratitude, as countless books and reports put it, is one of the keys to unlocking your dreams.

In today’s world filled with social media pressure, it is not easy to remain positive at all times. By limiting your response to negativity, you are attracting more positive things into your life.

Start by making a list of 10 things you are grateful for in your daily life. Gradually, increase the number of things you are grateful for and reach 100 or more.

This activity will let you see the amazing things surrounding your life. Repeat them anytime you are triggered by a positive emotion. This will also show the universe how grateful you are for all the good things in your life.

Vision Board

Creating and following a vision board can be a powerful manifestation method. The vision board will act as a reminder of the things you want to manifest. Therefore, you can put articles, notes, affirmations, photos, or anything that reminds you of your goals into the vision board.

You can think of it as a blueprint to manifest your dreams. Many people have reported a 76% success rate in manifesting their dreams through vision boarding. This success rate occurs because people are focused and clear on what they want to achieve with the law of attraction.

Pinterest is a great platform for seeking inspiration if you are creating a vision board for the first time. Generally, it is better to hang the vision board in front of your bed, allowing you to wake up and go to sleep by looking at your dreams.


This method involves writing a script for your life. It can be written from an outsider’s perspective about specific events or moments that you desire to happen in the future. It does not matter how you are scripting your life, as long as it depicts the events you want to manifest.

The key is writing from a first-person perspective. Using sentences like ‘i am and ‘i feel’ can make it seem like the events are happening in real-time. Experts also suggest that you write from a place of intent rather than fulfillment. Writing with intent suggests that the event has a need. Feeling this emotion is a crucial step in manifesting your dream with the law of attraction. Most importantly, you have to believe in the events that you are writing, about as you are writing about them.

How to Welcome Positivity?

The law of attraction is the blueprint for manifesting your dreams. The actual science and philosophy behind this idea make it even more fascinating. But, you have to beware that negative thoughts can attract negative things. A lot of people who practice manifestation forget this point, leading up to a disappointing life.

In manifestation, you are coordinating with the universe, therefore, allowing you to manifest the desired things with ease. Using the law of attraction will open many doors and let you take action in the required direction. Thus, follow the above-cited methods to have blessings come your way.