How to manifest your dream into reality


Manifesting makes your dreams come true

What if you want to achieve something you have dreamt of for a long time? You have to schedule your life to achieve your desired vision. It may be leading a successful business or building your own dream house that has parking filled with sports cars! The vision capacity doesn't matter in the art of manifestation if you follow the right steps to make the universe notice you and grant you the desired results that you dreamt of achieving in your life at some point in time.

How to start :

Every great journey begins with one small step. Likewise, make a dedicated work time for achieving your goal, start with 20 mins a day to achieve your goals. How To be efficient in 20 minutes :
Set macro goals
Be dedicated to achieving the goals.
Be consistent
Don't get distracted by seeing similar visions you never dreamt off

Setting up macro goals and leading them to manifest your dreams :

What if you can't afford the dream on a single day? it may be a financial struggle or it may be not related to financial struggles but it depends on life struggles. Major e people who are good at manifesting their dreams separate the long-term goal into major micro and macro parts to make the manifestation easy it is also an interesting method to make your life lead through your manifestation goal without disturbing the regular work and life flow.


Dedicating your life by making the path for your goals so that the manifestation goals come real.
1.Piece of paper & pen – it is powerful to write things out rather than typing things, so this is the preferred method.
2.Start by writing a letter about your desired goal. Your letter may be addressed to Love or Abundance or Success, etc. Write your letter as if your vision is a person. You can talk a bit about the issues you are having in achieving it but always focus on the positive points that you are making in the step toward your desired vision.
3.Release Your Imagination from Current Limiting Circumstances
4.Do not let your imagination be restricted to the current conditions of your life, or limit your imagination and underestimate yourself. Keep reminding yourself that everything that you’ve believed has gotten you to exactly the point where you are in your life right now.

Be consistent :

Everything gets better when you do work consistently, but don't be fooled by doing the same manifesting techniques again and again. it may slow down you and make you numb and get you stuck on a point so always do different things that take you to your dreams

Law of attraction :

Manifesting is more than just the buzzword or trending internet term on social media. It’s rooted in the Law of Attraction that makes your dream come true, which is essentially the ability to attract whatever it is we put our focus on. We can use the Law of Attraction in our favor like the universe noticing us, fine-tuning our thoughts that make our manifesting our dreams come true. But it’s not as simple as just wishing for something and it appears on your lap or in front of you. It takes intense sheer focus, dedication, and more quality time. Even though we may not realize it, our thoughts and aura energy rule our lives. This is something that gives your dream powers to come real If we are negative and feel a negative way we will get negative results. So always think optimistically so that you get optimum desired results, but this way you will make your dream come true.

Clarify What You're Actually After

Be specific and be detrimental to what you are after. Don't take a diversion for similar things if you did that your desired goal may fail and don't get satisfied till you reach your goal when you are on your path towards manifestation there will be a lot of small successful things that will surround you and will give you a taste of what it is. To get what you truly desire, you must be crystal clear about what exactly that is. Clarify your intentions so that you know exactly what it is you’re wishing and dreaming for in your life. People usually suggest you make a list of precisely what you desire. " List helps you clarify your intentions and access a strong mental picture of what you desire." And most importantly, according to experienced people you need to feel what you wish for and be focused on one thing so that you can achieve what you wish for faster. Ratchet than diverting and staying with the short success that will end sooner.

Have a little faith

Have faith in where you are, and remember where you come from. Your desired dream or vision in your life will come when it’s meant to. Until then, trust the build process you are so concentrated on.

Make A Vision Board

Have a vision board to set your end goal for manifestation and make note of the process and update the vision board regularly so that you stay focused when you get into the short success you can also taste it patiently and start again toward your end goal because vision board makes you clear all the time what you wished and desired for. In this way, you can achieve your end goal.

The moment when your dreams come true.

If you stay focused enough and invest your mind and your body in what you worked for, the universe will notice you and give you the broad path to achieve your success. When you realize you made your dream come true stop there thank the universe, enjoy their long-term success, experience the moment that you wished for, thank the energy that got you back when you are down and thank the persons who brought you to this place, teach the technique to others so that you spread harmony in the world. then you will become the successful person in the universe that made the earth a better place. The secret is no more a secret