Law Of Attraction

Hello there and welcome! If you want to be happy in your life, live the life you’ve dreamt of, ever desired to be on the top in your field, then you’ve landed in the right place at the right time...

10 things you should know

10 things you should know...

People graduating from prestigious universities also are sometimes broke and struggle to find jobs, while those with basic reading and writing skills earn in millions. So how does all this happen?


Mystery of Conscious...

The human brain is both a "transmitter" and a “receiver” for thought impulses. Under the right circumstances, and in a manner comparable to the principles of radio and telephone, the brain of every human being is capable of "intercepting" thought impulses that arise in the brains of others.


Why do your dreams fail? Know why!

Dreams are something we all have. Aspirations. Ambitions. Goals. Whatever you want to call them, they all have a similar definition. The majority of us have a realistic, doable vision of our ideal future; anything that is visibly achievable is always preferable.


Five Steps to form your Dream Come True

Your dreams matter! Your dream is what brought you here! Your dream is no accident. Your dream is who you’re. You ought to pursue it! Your dream gives you meaning and purpose and propels you forward into your chosen future.


Manifesting Your Dreams

Many of us fantasize about living the life of our dreams. But, the path to reaching there may seem bleak and impossible at certain times.


Meditation and Its Importance

You may have heard about meditation before, seen it on social media, heard of a friend doing it, or heard of the real Yogi Masters or Monks who practice this every single day for many hours at a time,


PERSISTENCE- The sustained effort to build faith in yourself

Wealth does not respond to vague reveries. It responds only to definite plans, backed by strong, definite desires, through constant persistence. In this blog you will find the obstacles that stand between you and your noteworthy achievements.


Magical Binaural beats and Sleep Affirmations

A binaural beat is an illusion created by the brain when you listen to two tones with slightly different frequencies at the same time. It is a term given to playing one sound frequency in one ear, and another sound frequency in the opposite ear.



Numerology is the knowledge of letters, numbers and their energy. Numerology is a large and extremely fascinating subject, which is about decoding the hidden energy connections in life. Numerology also has something to do with astrology and esoteric systems of wisdom, both of which are about decoding people's innate potentials,


Top 10 Scripting Techniques To Quickly Manifest Your Dreams

Manifesting their dream life is an aspiration for many. Yet, many fail to materialize their dreams for a number of reasons. One worth noting is the lack of visualization. People fail to recognize the changes in their life once they acquire the things they desire. As a result, their energy flows do not align with that of the universe.


How To Manifest Your Dream and Goal with The Law of Attraction

The basis of the law of attraction can be traced back hundreds of years. But the theory gained widespread popularity in recent times; people show that they can manifest their dreams and goals with the law of attraction. It can even be considered the blueprint for manifesting your dreams. From a psychological perspective,


How to not manifest your dreams

Many people think of manifesting as something they do only while in their Zen mode, on their meditation, with every Walmart crystal light lined up and candlelit. They spend some amount of time of their day meditating, journaling and doing whatever else helps them get aligned, feel good and connect to spirit. then they get up from their sleep,


How to manifest your dream into reality

What if you want to achieve something you have dreamt of for a long time? You have to schedule your life to achieve your desired vision. It may be leading a successful business or building your own dream house that has parking filled with sports cars! The vision capacity doesn't matter in the art of manifestation if you follow


The Hidden Secret NFT to Manifest The Things You Desire

The law of attraction defines the ability to attract things in one’s life by having focused and intentional thoughts. Or simply put, “ you attract what you think”. Over the years, many have learned to effectively use this law of attraction to attract the things they desire in their lives. There have been countless studies demonstrating that the law of attraction actually works.



There is a lovely proverb that states, "A dream is not something that comes to you when you're asleep, but rather, the one that doesn't make you sleep." It is so true when you can comprehend it logically and intellectually as well. The statement provides a meaning of how life and dream don't have a huge differentiation.



Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are digital tokens built on the blockchain that signify ownership of a certain digital asset. The digital asset might be written content, visual art, audio, video, games, or other forms of creative output. NFTs employ blockchain technology to confirm who owns the rights to digital goods and information. The purchaser receives a token of the original copy and the fundamental usage rights but is not permitted to duplicate or reproduce it.


A Complete Guide to The Hidden Secret NFT

Your life in general is influenced by multiple universal forces. The most powerful of these forces is the law of attraction. This law is always in effect, impacting your life in a number of ways. Fortunately, you can learn to use the law of attraction to actively change your life for the better. There have been countless studies and theories over the years focused


Manifesting your potential dreams

people have known to be using this method of manifesting their dreams since the beginning of written history. The hints of the Law of Attraction can be found in many ancient practices and in written forms and Eastern teachings dating back 100 years. Some people believe that the Law of Attraction was first mastered by the Buddha because it is an important principle in his legacy.