The Hidden Secret is a product of a life's worth of manifestation. Highly inspired by many bestselling books, we are an NFT collection like no other! With utilities that are sure to amaze you, called 'Wishes', we make your wildest dreams come true with the power of manifestation

Have you ever dreamt of living a completely different life? Have your past manifestations been brought to life? Do you read a lot of books about manifesting your dreams? If your answer is even remotely a 'yes' to any of those questions, then you're at the right place!

The World might just end one day, and it did, for our founder Elliott. Light at the end of the tunnel was fading and there was nothing to look forward to, even though he had his whole life ahead of him. He lost friends, most of his family and distanced himself from everything. But the light that shone through at the end was "The Hidden Secret".

For whatever he lost, he gained back tenfold, with an amazing community, good friends and great thoughts. He strived to be hard when push came to shove and for a brief moment, pondered on everything as he looked back on it. He decided to put his whole life's efforts into one thing and what better way to give back and express than art!

Elliott had his life transformed, but there are still hundreds of millions of people across the world waiting for the same. It can be done by anyone, it doesn't matter who you are or what kind of life you live, your thoughts and goals matter, your manifestations matter. But the burning question is if there is a secret, that could provide answers to why only 5% in the world are successful.

On his pursuit for answers, Elliott looked everywhere he could, and the answer was right in front of him. He wondered why not enough people are able to shape their future and on that he says, "I looked for the secret which would determine what would happen to a human being. I wanted to know if there was a key that would make the future a promise that we could foretell to a large extent.

Work towards it by joining our community and start manifesting your wildest dreams and uncover The Hidden Secret to start living your best life!. Was there a secret that would guarantee a person's becoming successful if he only knew about it and knew how to use it? Well, the secret exists. And I found it." Keep Swiping to learn more about our Wishes ala utilities

Our NFT's




- Collaborating & Communicating “The Hidden Secret” to our potential community members.
- One of the secrets we will be revealing is a “Reward” to members who support our cause.
- Setting up all the social media platforms and gauging our knowledge and SECRET to the world.
- Successfully create a community on discord and share intricate and valuable documents that are going to “CHANGE YOUR LIFE”


- Holding interactive and meaningful activities to give out the whitelisting spots.
- Mint the NFTs in polygon blockchain
- phase 1 will be a FREE MINT
- mint 1: 1500 NFTs
- mint 2: 1500 NFTs
- mint 3: 1000 NFTs
Phase 2 – coming soon!


- Shhh! We do keep some secrets that will be unraveled in the journey.
- Want to know our full-proof action plan? Join us in discord and stay updated on our announcements.
- The $S-COIN can be used to transact in our ecosystem and has value in our
- We do drop on SECRETS there. What are you waiting for? Mint our THS NFTs and join our revolutionary community on Discord.



CEO- Chief Executive Officer

The Hidden Secret came from a lifetime of manifestation – not just dreaming, but actively searching for answers. I used to be trapped in a mental prison, surrounded by poverty and dangerous influences, but something deep inside me refused to give up....A single moment changed everything, when I made the powerful decision to truly believe in the magic of manifestation and take action. My life has changed so dramatically and so quickly, it’s almost unrecognizable. Everything I’ve lost has been gained back tenfold. I spend my days meditating, exercising, reading, and practicing gratitude for my abundant success. The Hidden Secret continues to deepen and enhance my life every day. Now, I’m putting everything on the line to give back and share The Hidden Secret with you.

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COO - Chief Operating Office

The path toward abundance can be lonely and challenging, but true dedication always pays off. I was in the right place at the right time to meet Elliott, and it was magical how everything clicked into place. My vision lined up perfectly with his, and he unlocked the tools that I needed to reach my highest level of success....The Hidden Secret turns my best character traits and qualities into magnets for abundance. I’ve always been a social, friendly person, and now I have the tools to connect on a whole new plane. I’ll never stop learning, and I’m proud to be a driving force behind The Hidden Secret.

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PA - Project Adviser

I’ve been searching for The Hidden Secret for a long time, even if I didn’t exactly know what it was called or what form it would take. Connecting with Jesper and Elliott has been a remarkable privilege because it’s such a good fit – energetically and on a business level....Scaling, growing, and reengineering startups is my specialty. Even with my extensive background in financials, it was surprising to learn how The Hidden Secret could break down barriers. Every stage of this NFT project is built on years of manifestation, and I can’t wait to see how it changes the world.

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Our NFTs are minted on the Polygon Blockchain

Our marketplace will have its own economy, and we will use our currency called S-coin.

Join our discord to get a chance to be whitelisted.

It will be available on our website.

The total count of NFTs that will be minted is 10,000.

No, S coin won't have any value outside the hidden secret ecosystem.

For every purchase of an NFT worth $100, one S-coin will be airdropped to the holder's wallet.

As we are building our marketplace, S-coin will be the exclusive currency for the market’s economy.